A new Climate Data Knowledge Program from the MSCI Sustainability Institute

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February 28, 2024

10:00a.m. EDT


The Institute is building an ecosystem that supports the creation of sustainable value through a series of initiatives that aim to deepen understanding of the impact of climate change on our economy and society. As part of this work, we are launching the Climate Data Knowledge Program, which will provide investment-grade data and metrics to support climate-finance research at leading academic institutions.

We’re providing the data to researchers without precondition for their research agenda to support independent analysis into problems of climate-related valuation and risk faced by institutional investors.

The metrics, which are used by practitioners in their investment decision-making, include MSCI’s Climate Change Metrics (a module that includes emissions, fossil-fuel exposure, and corporate climate targets and commitments data), our Implied Temperature Rise metric, a forward-looking climate impact metric, and Climate Value-at-Risk, which assesses climate-related transition and physical risk.

The webinar will detail the data and metrics included as well as provide an overview of the program and its goals.

We look forward to your participation in what promises to be an informative session.


Linda-Eling Lee, Founding Director, MSCI Sustainability Institute
Linda-Eling Lee

Founding Director and Head of the Institute

Daniel Cremin, COO, MSCI Sustainability Institute
Daniel Cremin

Chief Operating Officer

Rumi Mahmood, Research Director, MSCI Sustainability Institute
Rumi Mahmood

Research Director

Madeleine Helms, MSCI
Madeleine Helms

Climate Change Specialist