Climate Data Knowledge Program

The MSCI Sustainability Institute has launched the Climate Data Knowledge Program, which offers academics at participating universities access to investment-grade data and metrics from MSCI ESG Research that institutional owners and managers of assets use to measure, monitor and mitigate climate financial risks.

We provide the data without precondition to support independent research into problems of climate-related valuation and risk faced by companies and investors. In addition to data and metrics, the program provides researchers with both training on their uses by investors and access to MSCI’s research into emerging topics in climate finance.

The program, which in its initial phase is open to a limited number of participating institutions, is among a series of Institute initiatives that aim to deepen understanding of the impact of climate change on our economy and society. It reflects our belief that capital does its best at driving sustainable value when underpinned by research that investors can implement.

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Data and metrics

Climate Data and Metrics for approximately 12,000 publicly listed companies (including 18,000 subsidiaries) and sovereigns.

Climate Value-at-Risk, a forward-looking climate risk metric that assesses how a company’s valuation could be impacted by climate-policy risks and physical climate risks (from extreme weather events) and could benefit by a low-carbon technology transition. The metric quantifies opportunities across a range of scenarios developed by both the Network for Greening the Financial System and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Implied Temperature Rise, a forward-looking climate impact metric developed by MSCI ESG Research and designed for compatibility with best practices in portfolio temperature-alignment metrics developed by the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.


Resources and services

Access to the program’s resource hub, including:

  • Methodology books
  • Data dictionaries
  • Research papers
  • Tutorial videos
  • Use cases
  • Technical support
  • Webinars and events