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The MSCI Sustainability Institute is on a mission to drive progress by capital markets to create sustainable value and tackle global challenges such as climate change. Our goal is to align data, analysis, policy and action. We do this by drawing upon MSCI’s experience and expertise as a leading provider of sustainability data and metrics to the investment industry to spur collaboration across finance, academia, business, government and civil society.

Portrait of Linda-Eling Lee - Founder of the MSCI Sustainability Institute
"We are excited to work with investors, academics, policymakers, think tanks, NGOs and companies in every industry, leveraging MSCI’s experience in developing new ways to measure both financial and nonfinancial value."

Linda-Eling Lee

Founding Director and Head of the MSCI Sustainability Institute

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The pathway for greening the production of cement is not set in stone.

The cement industry has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from production by roughly 40% by 2030, or roughly double the reductions pledged to date by companies in the industry, thanks to a combination of technologies that are increasingly cost competitive, an analysis by Galvanize Climate Solutions and the MSCI Sustainability Institute finds.


The investor-led Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment (GARI) working group, in collaboration with the MSCI Sustainability Institute and supported by the Bezos Earth Fund and ClimateWorks Foundation, is spearheading an effort to redefine and demonstrate climate resilience as an attractive theme for investment that complements decarbonization.


The imperative to phase out unabated coal-fired power generation presents particular challenges for low- and middle-income countries in the APAC region, where billions of dollars in public and private capital will be needed to purchase plants for decommissioning or to incentivize their owners to significantly shorten the plants’ operating lives.1“GFANZ’s APAC Network Opens Consultation for Managed Phaseout of Coal in Asia-Pacific.” Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, June 4, 2023. The Institute is collaborating with the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) on research that will simulate the early-phase out of coal-fired power plants in select APAC countries.

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Highlights from the MSCI Sustainability Institute’s launch

Brian Browdie/21 September 2023

Capital, collaboration and data will each play a critical role in determining whether society succeeds in staving off the worst impacts of a warming planet.

The three themes resounded on Tuesday throughout the launch of the MSCI Sustainability Institute, which brought together leaders from across capital markets, academia, business, government and civil society to examine action to achieve global climate goals and address the opportunities that accompany the shift to a clean-energy economy.

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Industry Event

PRI Academic Network Conference and PRI in Person 2023

Linda-Eling Lee, the MSCI Sustainability Institute's founding director, will participate in a panel discussion of academic research that explores collaborative investor engagement with policymakers.

5 October 2023 Tokyo Learn more

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Our work is designed to spur collaboration among key financial, academic, business, policymaking and civil society leaders and align data, analysis, policy and action.

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