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Speakers in discussion at the COP 28 roundtable
Linda-Eling Lee 6 December 2023

Thursday marks a week since the start of COP28, which officially has five days to go.

With the COP28 presidency advocating for “the most ambitious outcome possible,” the remaining days are likely to see the most intense negotiations. At the same time, COP28 has already illuminated some pivots of priority for everyone who cares about scaling investment and finance for climate action. Here are seven of them.


10 reports to know for COP28
MSCI Sustainability Institute 27 November 2023

The run-up to COP28 saw a cascade of reports on progress by countries and companies to stop climate change that are likely to inform the conversation at the climate summit. Here are 10 of those reports (including two from the MSCI Sustainability Institute) with the biggest takeaways from each.

The value of speed and order in Asia’s coal phase-out
MSCI Sustainability Institute 21 November 2023

The Asia-Pacific region could slash nearly three-quarters of its combined carbon emissions and minimize economic disruption from the transition to a clean-energy economy by phasing out coal-fired power plants sooner rather than later, a new analysis by the MSCI Sustainability Institute finds.

MSCI Sustainability Institute 14 November 2023

Listed companies in the world’s largest economies are likely to slow their pace of reducing greenhouse gas emissions this decade while decarbonization by their respective home countries is on track to accelerate, the latest edition of MSCI’s Net-Zero Tracker finds.

Can climate resilience be an attractive investment?
MSCI Sustainability Institute 21 September 2023

Capital, collaboration and data will each play a critical role in determining whether society succeeds in staving off the worst impacts of a warming planet.

The three themes resounded on Tuesday throughout the launch of the MSCI Sustainability Institute, which brought together leaders from across capital markets, academia, business, government and civil society to examine action to achieve global climate goals and address the opportunities that accompany the shift to a clean-energy economy.