GARI Resilient Transition Roundtable

Industry event

September 21, 2023

New York

Decarbonization and climate resilience are two entwined, fundamental economic adjustments that our society will need to make in the coming decades. While investor focus on decarbonization has ramped up dramatically in recent years, comparatively little attention to date has been paid to climate resilience.1The lion’s share of global climate finance focuses only on mitigation. “Tracking Investments in Climate Resilient Infrastructure.” Climate Policy Initiative, December 2022. Because resilience is today framed entirely as a cost rather than a return-delivering investment, too little finance, innovation and entrepreneurial talent is currently flowing toward it.2Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment working group This must change.

The Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment (GARI) working group will host a roundtable session for a select group of leading market participants and experts to provide input into a joint industry effort aimed at highlighting investment strategies that can produce solutions and technologies for the resilient transition that the world needs.

This will be an invitation-only session that will operate under Chatham House Rule. For more information please contact The Lightsmith Group.