Projected warming of listed companies by region (MSCI Implied Temperature Rise in °C)

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The world’s listed companies are on a pathway to warm the planet by 3°C (5.4°F) by the end of the century, as indicated by their collective MSCI Implied Temperature Rise, a forward-looking climate impact metric that shows the warming potential of a financial asset based on its current greenhouse gas emissions and projected future decarbonization trajectory across all emissions scopes. Thirty-eight percent of companies are on track to keep warming 2°C or below while 11% are aligned with a 1.5°C temperature rise.

Source: MSCI ESG Research, data as of Feb. 29, 2024, based on data in the following regional indexes: MSCI North America Investable Market Index, the MSCI Europe and Middle East Index, the MSCI Pacific Investable Market Index, the MSCI Emerging Markets Latin America Index, the MSCI Emerging Markets EMEA Investable Market Index, and the MSCI Emerging Markets Asia Index