Driving progress by capital markets to create sustainable value and tackle global challenges such as climate change

The MSCI Sustainability Institute is on a mission to drive progress by capital markets to create sustainable value and tackle global challenges such as climate change. Our mission mirrors our belief that capital markets can help to build a better future for all of us. Our goal is to align data, analysis, policy and action. We do this by leveraging MSCI’s experience and expertise as a leading provider of sustainability data and metrics to the investment industry to spur collaboration across finance, academia, business, think tanks, government and NGOs.

We are committed to research, education, dialogue and debate across the wider capital-markets ecosystem. We aim to help participants uncover the most innovative thinking in the field, see what’s ahead, and contribute positively to lives and livelihoods.

The need for action

Preventing the worst effects of climate change will demand nothing short of a massive global economic transformation.1Annual spending on energy, transportation, industry, agriculture, buildings and other land use would need to nearly triple, to USD 9.2 trillion, according to McKinsey & Company, which notes that the increase is roughly equivalent to half of global corporate profits in 2020. “The net-zero transition: What it would cost, what it could bring.” McKinsey & Company, January 2022. Investment in clean energy alone would need to more than triple, to around USD 4 trillion, by 2030, the International Energy Agency estimates. “Net Zero by 2050.” International Energy Agency, May 2021. The shift will determine the competitiveness of nations and industries and be a defining factor for every society.

It will also demand that leaders across all facets of society work in concert to drive it.

Capital plays a critical role in tackling climate change and other big global challenges like inequality. Investors and financial institutions are uniquely responsible for identifying long-term risks and translating those risks into opportunities.

Trillions of dollars are already being allocated to climate-related innovations and to companies of the clean-energy future.

Solutions to the biggest global problems demand data, insight and the ability to bridge research and practice. But they also require a willingness of different stakeholders to transcend borders and work across industries and organizations.

The challenge is to forge a new era of sustainable growth. The time is short.


We are a team of collaborators from diverse disciplines who share a commitment to driving progress by capital markets to create sustainable value. Learn more.


We are assembling a group of renowned thought leaders from finance, academia, business and think tanks to advise the Institute.

Hiromichi Mizuno, who serves as a special adviser to MSCI Chairman and CEO Henry Fernandez and who has played a pivotal role in promoting and implementing sustainable principles throughout the financial industry, provides the Institute with strategic counsel. Learn more.